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Vol. 10 Nro. 19. Julio - Diciembre 2016
Wilfredo José Rafael Illas Ramírez


Anomie of propium in venezuelan liceist teenager from Lili Reyes’ life story, a comprehensive study
Maryuly Brijaldo y Vivian González
Process of construction of the sense and meaning of the national anthem of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Daniel Lugo
Temperature and heat, basics in the physics texts in general secondary education
Leila Neira y Eliexer Pérez
The social representations in the learning of mathematics an ethnographic study from the educational practice at U.E. "Manuel Malpica"
José López, Nelson Fernández y Beatriz Vergara
Learning styles in university education. Case: significant learning in english-language students in the FaCE-UC
Bernardete De Agrela y Mary Silva
Reading on screen: aims and conditions for discourse analysis in virtual contexts
Elsy Medina y Juan Manzano
University education of quality: a view from functional diversity
Yolinda Reyes y Ana Soto
Curricular redimension by competences. Case of study: ingles instrumental
María Ledezma y Melba Noguera
Technological strategies in the teaching of physical education, sports and recreation
Maria Chillé, Saúl Escobar y Lesbia Lizardo
Optimization of clinical bioethical behavior of dentistry students
Marilia Domínguez
Written composition of academic texts: a view from the social and cultural mediation for higher education
Glenys Pérez
Professor deontology, trainer of trainers, in the university education, in the researcher role
Omaira Quintana
Implications of the Canaima I project in the appropriation forms of reading and writing in 1st grade "A" children at the E.B. "Antonio Ricaurte"
Nery Suárez y Brígida Sánchez
Creative strategies to improve primary school teachers’ performance
Rhadis García e Iris Camacho
Revealing the essence of participation in the community experience
Carmen Ucero y Jairo Pérez
Women under man`s prism
María Waleska Viera
The reading comprehension process in English of engineering students: the WebQuest as a tool to learn how to read
Albarrán José, Albarrán Santiago Manuel, Luis Arenas y Moreno Duglas
From integration to inclusion: a school for everyone
Ana Karina Arenas
The learning of a foreign language. A trans-complex vision
Sandra Salazar
Fractal geometry for the interpretation of venezuelan educational system history
Otoniel Sanguino
Use of virtual environment as a tool for teaching instrumental spanish in the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Carabobo
María Sánchez
Musical intervals and internal hearing hermeneutic phenomenological approach
Jorge Castillo
Strategic teaching by competences at the university: an important redimension
Marisol Peña
Educating for citizenship: a challenge of the school in the digital age
Omaira Oñate
The pedagogical encounter as a host structure for meaning construction in the university educational transition
Raymi Castellanos
Teaching of social sciences in Venezuela, epistemic approach from critical pedagogy
José Raga
Innovation and change in teacher training in the 21st century
Jesús Yánez
Science environment in higher education: towards sustainability
Amada Mogollón y Esther Saavedra
Epistemic approach of postmodern derivations in the educational manager praxis
Jesús Villarreal Hernández y José Rodríguez Farías
Right and globalization: from loose ideas, attached and shared viewpoints, to chaos and complexity
Yennis Torres e Hidramely Castillo
Gramatical knowledges in the subsystem of bolivarian secondary education of Venezuela
Johana Noguera
Standard rule of the written spanish language and its use in research works
Ender Andrade y Marisol García
The reach of the conceptions of teachers in relation to the scientific language of physics
Marcos Sánchez
The semiology of power
Aliex Mora
The man in the tautological as the true truth in complex thinking about trascendental issues in religion or the religure of being
Alexis Espinoza
Didactical episteme from the evaluation in the university context
José Quintana
The curriculum designa sita discursive poetics
José Sánchez
Construstivist approach in teaching coexistence
Estrella Raven
Management of university professor based on complex thought perspective
Zulima Rodríguez
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