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         Volumen 24 - Número 3. Diciembre 2017
José Luís Nazar, Lisbeth Manganiello
Environmental assessment of the Urama Wetland, Venezuela
Nereida López, Edilberto Guevara Pérez
VHDL Model of configurable neural networks applied to decoding in cognitive radio
Cecilia E. Sandoval-Ruiz
Susceptibility to the intergranular attack of duplex staninless steel exposed to nitric acid with 65% concentration in boiling
Laura Sáenz Palencia, Felipa Pevalonic, Oskar Garcıa
Study of the mathematical equation of the heart rate on the base of the viscous damped oscillator
Aleida Cantor Rudas
Evaluation of oil properties of fruit pulp pijiguao (Bactris Gasipaes H.B.K) for use in cosmetics industry
  V. Mujica, M. Rodríguez, I. López, D. Méndez
On the admissibility of LPV descriptor systems
  Addison Ríos, Miguel Narváez
Synthesis and characterization of tertiary hydrotalcites and their oxides: Me2+Fe3+Al3+ (Me2+ = Co2+, Mg2+, Ni2+ o Zn2+)
  E. Oviedo, P. Ayrault, S. Brunet, C. Linares
Determination of the behavior of the hardness as a function of the traction effort in an AISI 1005 steel
  Dauhajre, C. Alfonzo, A. Porrello, C. Torres
Evaluation of solidifying agents in the process stabilization solidification applied to chemical sludges
  J. Pérez, Y. Noguera, B. Paricaguán
Characterization of fertilizer based on potassium dihydrogen phosphite obtained with different metallic reducing agents
  A. Núñez, A. Rodríguez, J. Medina, B. Paricaguán
Determination of constructive operation performances fitted to probability distributions by manual simulation means
  G. Guerra, A. Tortosa, F. Soto, R. Marín
Inference for stochastic differential equations models using filtering algorithms
  S. Infante, A. Hernández, J. Ordoñez, L. Sánchez
Depuration of gaseous emissions from the production of pentolite
  I. López, V. Mujica, M. Rodríguez
Evaluation of uncertainty in deterministic models
  Aleida Cantor Ruda
Water quality assessment in a Caribbean saltwater wetland
  R. Pérez, F. Riveiro, M. Jiménez–Noda, L. Manganiello, C. Vega, R. Cova, J. Moreno
Tech note: Water quality index of Albarregas and Milla rivers of Merida State, Venezuela
  O. Mayorga, M. Ramírez, J. Mayorga
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