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         Volumen 24 - Número 2. Agosto 2017
José Luís Nazar, Lisbeth Manganiello
Effects of mixed anionic and nonionic surfactants on their interfacial properties
M. de Zubeldia, E. Gallipoli, A. Muñoz, M. Gómez, J. C. Pereira
  Design of a machine for shredded meat in an industrial dining room
O. Uzcátegui, L. Martino
Design of the distillation and desparafination section of a detergent grade alkylation plant to process a stream of paraffin with low olefin content
Pamela Cartes
Development of free software for the spectral analysis of pathological voices
Y. Perdomo, A. Osman, J. Jiménez
Nonlinear Filters to denoising color images
  H. Latouche, K. Solarte, J. Ordoñez , L. Sánchez
Tech note: Hydraulic evaluation of the bridges over La Guardia creek using a two-dimensional model with live-bed
  C. Freitez, F. Martínez, J. Rincón
Removal of chloride ions from de wastewater using hydrotalcites as adsorbent materials
  M. Colmenares, E Mare
Development of a computational tool applied to the design of horizontal drilling directed in the installation of pipelines for the transportation of gas
  L. González, L. Martino
Simulation of extraction processes of b-natural carotene, astaxanthin, biodiesel and glycerol from Dunaliella saline
  H. López, L. Zumalacárregui, O. Pérez
Evaluation of the influence of barium chloride on the concentration of caustic soda in the botlle washing process for beer and malt packaging
  C. De Sousa, A. Tovar, N. Castillo, A. Correia
Manufacturing process improvement of aliphatic amine adducts or cicloaliphatic with epoxy resins used in the construction and industrial maintenance
  Ahmed Osman, S. Rodríguez, C. Alvarado
Letter to the editor: Procedure for access to the ERS and ENVISAT mission data through the ESA portal and the interactive tool EOLI-SA
  I. Franchi, J. Santander, A. Zozaya
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