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         Volumen 25 - Número 3. Diciembre 2018
José Luís Nazar, Angel D. Almarza M., Lisbeth Manganiello
Trend study: applications of colophony (rosin) and its derivatives
Natasha Tellería Mata, Samuel Villanueva, Magaly Henríquez
Impact toughness of the duplex stainless steel SAF 2304, with heating between 1100°C y 1300°C
Laura Sáenz, Edwin Patiño
Modelling snowmelt on glaciers in the Santa River basin and its impacts in water resources
Elmer E. Calizaya Llatasi, Jesús A. Mejía Marcacuzco
Reformulation of latex class A latex paint for interior use, by partial replacement of titanium dioxide by extenders
Fabiola Sevilla, José Luis Muñoz, José Antonio Pérez, Belén Paricaguán
Toxicology-pharmacology and organic chemistry laboratories
  William Peñaloza, Nasser Jamul, Angelina Correia, Cristina De Sousa
Smith Chart ad hoc using GNU Octave for didactics purposes
  Alfonso Zozaya
Impedance spectroscopy in water/oil emulsions in a range of intermediate frequencies
  José Jorge, Juan Carlos Pereira, María Rodríguez, Nelson Barrios, David Oliva, José Antonio Navia
Mechanical behavior model of stainless steel 304 H at high temperature
  Frankilin Acevedo, Laura Sáenz
Reformulation of latex flat paint class A for exterior use, through the partial replacement of titanium dioxide by new extenders
  Belén Paricaguán, José Luis Muñoz, Fabiola Sevilla, José Antonio Pérez
Characterization of an austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 H with 15 year in service exposed at high temperature
  Frankilin Acevedo, Laura Sáenz
Study of the useful life of a submerged cutting tool to a cryogenic treatment in the machining of parts of steel AISI 1045
  Luis Sidorovas, Ron Francisco, Iván Ramones
Application of piezoelectric sensors in the detection of contaminants in food
  Cristina De Sousa, Lisbeth Manganiello
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