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         Volumen 25 - Número 2. Agosto 2018
José Luís Nazar, Lisbeth Manganiello
Review on asphaltene films at air – water and oil – water interfaces
Yasmín Tatá, Franklin Salazar – Rodríguez, Ana M. Forgiarini, José G. Delgado-Linares y Johnny Bullón
Ultra wideband antennas for communications systems on microwave frequency bands: a review
Contreras, A. y Urdaneta, M.
Operation variables evaluation of vertical evaporators via a computational tool
J. Yaguaratty, V. Hurtado, A. Bolívar y Á. D. Almarza
Implementation of Monte Carlo algorithm in parallel for modeling the propagation of light in adult human skin
Muñoz, A. y López, G.
Synthetic analysis of the debate on the integrated management of water resources in Peru
  Edilberto Guevara–Pérez
Mechanical behavior of mixtures of polylactic acid (PLA) with polystyrene (PS)
  Jhonny Medina, Patricia Cedeño, Ricardo Heras, Juan Carlos Hernández y Carlos Zapata
Evaluation of resistance to corrosion by pitting of stainless steel duplex SAF 2304
  Laura Sáenz, Jesús García y Omar Guzmán
Extraction optimal conditions evaluation in regenerative steam power plants by a computational tool
  V. Hurtado, A. Bolívar y Á. D. Almarza
Spectral analysis of electromagnetic torque in fault detection of eccentricity of three-phase induction motors by means of canonical discriminant
  Ledy Guerra, Francis Barboza, Rubén Terán, Irahis Rodríguez y Eva Monagas
Proposal for a matrix of minimum distances between AM broadcast stations for Venezuela based on the propagation curves ITU-R P.368
  Fabián Robledo
Physical cell id for LTE network: recommmendations for planification
  Romer Valor, Yofrank Torres y Ahmad Osman
Hydrolytic degradation and biodegradation of binary mixes of polylactic acid (PLA) with plastic residues
  Jhonny Medina, Yenifer Roche, Omar Maldonado, Juan Carlos Hernández, Carlos Zapata
Catalysts sulphide Fe-Mo supported in Zn-hydroxyapatites and its application in thiophene hydrodesulfurization reaction
  Carlos Felipe Linares, Edith Figueredo y Freddy Ocanto
Development of virtual instrumentation applied to telecommunications laboratories using the red Pitaya board
  Giusseppe Perretti, Robert Fernández, Carlos Mejías y Carlos Aponte
Nevus classification by calculating the fractal dimension and the harmonic analysis of the contour extracted from multispectral images
  Alvaro Ascencio, José Zapata y Ahmad Osman
A liposoluble colorant from Annatto seeds (Bixa Orellana L.) as an input for food industry
  José Camacaro, José Gómez, Milagros Jiménez, Cristóbal Vega y Lisbeth Manganiello
Evaluation of water availability in the Cabanillas river basin of the Peruvian Altiplano under regionalized climatic scenarios
  Pilares H., I. A., Montalvo, N., Mejía M., A., Guevara P. E., Fano M., G., Alfaro A., R.
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