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         Volumen 24 - Número 1. Abril 2017
José Luís Nazar, Lisbeth Manganiello
Letter to the editor: Environment for the edition and writing thesis of the School of Engineering of Telecommunications of the University of Carabobo
Carlos Mejías, Ahmad Osman, Paulino Del Pino, Alfonso Zozaya
Feature extraction of stator current in induction motors for the detection of bearings damage using support vectors machines
Rubén Terán, Ledy Guerra, Carlos Jiménez
Evaluation of expanded polystyrene with cement mortar covering under fire exposition
Francesco Rogontino, Javier López, Edson Martínez, Salvador Scolac
Logical-mathematical model of encoder 2D-RS for hardware description in VHDL
Cecilia E. Sandoval-Ruiz
Determination of the efect of a normalized thermal treatment on the fatigue life by rotating flexion of an AISI 1045 steel
  Hernán Ulloa, Dessireé Scope, Argel Porrello, Carlos Alfonzo, Franklin Camejo
  Performance on construction operations
  Genessis A. Hernández C., Dayana A., Morales P., Francisco Soto
A cooperative method for image segmentation based on cellular automata
  Jorge Parra, Niriaska Perozo
Determination of the adsorption capacity of ibuprofen and diclofenac in agricultural venezuelan soils
  Angelina Correia, Neudis Subero, Lisbeth Manganiello, Lily Marcano
Radar imaging basics
  A. J. Zozaya, F. Carrera, R. Bolaños
Supervisory control application to solving optimal control problems for discrete event systems
  Guelvis Mata
Treatment landfill leachate in filters anaerobic upflow of two phases (DI - FAFS)
  Julio Isaac Maldonado M., Jarson Alexis Rodríguez Chona, Ángela Maritza Cajiao
Student schedule generation with option selection at a university engineering faculty
  Demetrio Rey, Luis Llave, Enrique Flores, Víctor Barrios, Braulio De Abreu, José L. Nazar
Comparative of reinforced concrete structural walls design compliant to FONDONORMA 1753:2006 and ACI 318-14
  Simón Arteaga, Jorge Malavé, José Olival
Parameters relating to chemical properties and organoleptic quality of waters confluing reservoirs for human consumption
  Milagros Jiménez-Noda, Rosalyn Cova, Lilitza Trías, Cristóbal Vega, Lisbeth Manganiello
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