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Carta al Editor
Sira, Silvia
Corporate social responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises: an approach to a theoretical model
Bermúdez Colina, Yeicy
Importance of integration of decisions in the supply chain: location and routing
Gutiérrez Sánchez, Hernando Alexander
Statistics in simulation studies. An approach to the state of the art
Jiménez Bahri, Manuel Elías
Correlation of emotional and cognitive processes in university education through an approach to a mathematical model. Case: students of physics of engineering UC
Cantor Rudas, Aleida
Evaluation of productivity and human talent based on environmental conditions in production
Arévalo, A. José, M.; Valencia, C. Juan, C.; y Ballesteros N., Dalemberg
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Descargar Vol 12, Nro 2. Año 2017